Sunday, April 8, 2012


I hope everyone had a great Easter! 
We had a very relaxed one this year. We celebrated early last week while my mom was in town with the egg hunt and the whole sha-bang and we're recovering from being sick after a long 2 weeks, so we decided to take it easy. 

Last night we got Owyn all pumped up for the Easter Bunny. We had him plant jelly beans in a pot and told him that the Easter Bunny was going to come water them with magic and they'd be grown by the time he woke up, so he was very anxious to go to bed in order to see what was going to grow. Worked like a charm. Too bad it isn't Easter Eve every night, right?

Owyn woke up very excited to see that his jelly beans had grown into lollipops. 
He also enjoyed his basket. He got learning activity books, mini muffins, trail mix, a saxophone, balls, a watering can and a shovel. I'm hoping he doesn't find out that most kids get loads of candy in their baskets. He seemed pretty pleased with the mini muffins, and that's the way we like it!

Throughout the day we played outside and cooked. I cooked a big Easter meal, even though it's only us 2 & 1/2 ( + another half if you count baby, which I do when it comes to eating!). Once the meal was done we made rounds delivering it to grandparents. 

I'd say its been a good day and a great weekend, even though we were supposed to be in San Diego.