Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Imagination and Being Awesome

Owyn has been growing into such an interesting, loving and hilarious little person.
His imagination is crazy. I have no idea where he gets half the stuff he does. 

For instance, in ^this picture, at the shoe store, he kept pretending he was on the school bus. He's never even seen the inside of a school bus.

The other day while I was getting ready, he took my eyeliner and drew on the mirrors and made me be the "police man" and put him in jail (aka my closet) after hand cuffing him. 

All of our furniture has been transformed into some sort of transportation. All of the beds are boats and his tent is a space ship. Every night he gets to decide between sleeping in the space ship or on the white boat. He usually chooses the space ship. He often likes to make a quick trip to Mars before bed. I was totally shocked the first trip. He got in, zipped up, buckled up, "three, two, one, blast off!", landed, put on his special imaginary helmet, and got out. Then he proceeded to bounce around in slow motion as if he was walking on Mars without gravity. Where did he learn these things?? 

Other things you should know about Owyn.. 
he is the sweetest little being in the world. 

- Every morning at 6am, he climbs into bed with me and gets all cozy and lets me sleep till Im ready to get up (unless he's hungry). Sometimes he gives me pats and lays his body on mine or rests his hand on my cheek. When I get up he says "morning mommy" all excited and sweet. 

- He gives me the "I love you" sign whenever we part and then the peace sign. "Bye mommy, wuv you, peeefffff". I melt.

- He's into this new thing where he asks "why" after everything. "Brush teeth? Wh-aaayyyyy". Its the funniest thing and never gets old. Its in a very concerned, very high pitched voice.

- He is very excited about baby brother. Oh yeah, did I mention it a BOY???

He thinks he has to press his mouth against my belly for the baby to hear him and yells. "CAN YOU HEAR ME???" This morning the baby was kicking and he told him "TAKE A NAP". hahaha. 

He says that baby is growing and he shows us with his hands "baby's growing growing growing and then POPS out!" 

He's going to be such a good big brother. As excited as I am to have another join the fam, I am sad I wont have as much 1-on-1 time with Owyn.