Thursday, April 19, 2012

Date Night

This week is that crazy one we've been anticipating for a while. 
We had the Opera, have 3 concerts (one we had to give up..) a wedding rehearsal, a wedding.
All in 1 week!

Last night was our first show of the week. We went to see Andrew Bird again. 
It was amazing, again.  And this time, I was pregnant.. again! Only I actually made it through the entire show with out having to leave early this time. Proud moment. Being in one spot for a couple hours while having a blown up uterus with a baby inside laying on your back bone ain't the most comfortable feeling in the world. Just saying.

 The Baby loved the show, and gave us some extra entertainment. He was dancing the night away in there. Dave kept his hand on my belly most of the time because it's the first we've ever felt him with such strength. Pretty exciting. And a little creepy if you think about it too much. A tiny little person moving around inside your body. Weird. 

 Dave's happy face. haha, just kidding. 

Dave never fail when it comes to getting really great seats. Props to you, man.