Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kitchen Twin/ Inspiration

The first time I showed my sister, Whitney, pictures of our soon-to-be house,
we chuckled over the kitchen. 

Nothing matches! Not only are the top cabinets white and the bottom black, 
but every appliance is a different color as well.

I thought our sad 1950's some-what of an updated kitchen was going to need a LOT of work. 
Especially considering how much time Dave and I spend in the kitchen. 
(We both fight over who gets to cook dinner.)
It was the first room Dave ran to when we were looking for homes. 
If the house had a room he could make his band room and a nice kitchen, he was sold!

Yesterday I stumble upon faith while searching through my DIY magazine.

 This kitchen is almost exactly the same as ours! Weird... 
Top cabinets white, bottom black. outdated white tile. tiled back splash. black counters.
same exact light fixture! AND mix-matched appliances. 
The before kitchen from the magazine was even red. 

And guess what, it looks great!

I thought I wanted to reface the cabinets and redo the floors (black and white checker).
But my new plan is to paint, of course, and re-tile the back splash with COLOR!
It won't be blue like this one though.

I see lots of new hope for the kitchen!

 {notice how my magazine page is crumbled? i have a little doggy that can't seem to stay away from my magazines. his name is Owyn}