Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey and Traditions

Wow, what a weekend! 
We had such a lovely Thanksgiving thanks to my dear almost-mother-in-law.
After our Turkey feast we came home and set up our tree because it's tradition. 
It didn't take long before we realized our tree was pretty sad and pathetic and Owyn needed to go good boggy. ( When say good boggy for good night. When I had my black berry when Dave and I first started dating I set him a good night text late at night- half asleep and anyone who has a black berry knows that it makes up words as you type. Well, boggy appears to be in the blackberry dictionary and it's stuck ever since.)

I worked early morning on Black Friday and when I came home there was a big box with a beautiful new, very large tree inside. Naturally, we went and got new tree decor for it too. 

Tree #1

 {mom gave me all my Christmas ornaments from my childhood, including my first!}

Tree #2 on next post.