Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not Only Because It's November.

Now that it's November everyone like to post about what they're thankful for. 
Well, I am very, very thankful. Not just today. Not just this month but every day of my life. 
I'm thankful for having this man by my side. 

Oh, I love him. 
One word that perfectly describes him: dependable. 
He is the best partner I could ask for. Yes, sometimes I could live without his bad moods and the attitude that comes along with it (not all of us are perfect), but those just make it more exciting. I could go on and on listing the many wonderful traits of his but I'll spare you and list a couple. 

-this weekend he cleaned the yards and mowed the lawn
-helped me clean the house
- took care of the dog and the child while I held Kylie's bridal shower
-took Owyn to his grandparents and to the park
-watched Owyn (bad mood, cutting 4 molars Owyn) while I went out for Kylie's bachelorette party
-picked me up when I wanted to come home because my esophagus hurt
-handed me water when I was puking (thanks to that damn acid reflux)
-let me sleep in today
-went to Target and Sunflower to stock up on the essentials and groceries
- washed our cars
- took care of Owyn while I went to work until midnight
-and cleaned the entire house (including my dirty laundry)
-and even tried staying up for me to come home

This is how he is, all the time. It's wonderful.
It's good to know that Owyn and I will always be taken care of.
Even if he wasn't my perfect match for making babies as cute as Owyn, Id still keep him around.

I'm hoping I can slip back into dream I was having during my nap today. 
We were on our honey moon and just discovered an underground casino and bowling alley behind out pantry door in our snowed-in cabin. It was a hard one to wake up to.

P.S. Once this this winter passes and the flowers start to bloom, we'll finally be getting married!