Friday, January 17, 2014

Separation Anxiety

Oops. I forgot I had a blog. Forgive me while I remember how this whole thing goes.

Our x mas and New Years was great... yatta yatta (weird word to type, forgive me if it's spelt wrong.)

My dear husband went on a 5(!!!) day bro-cation last week. Now to give you a little background, I am that wife who begins to text her husband roughly around 4 pm (when he usually doesnt leave until at least 530) messages like, "Soooo, ETA", "late night tonight???" "boys haven't napped, FML!!!" and little emoticons like the OMG face and then a gun.. you get the point.

So, needless to say, it was a doosey. I ALMOST earned my "Accelerated Single Mom Certificate" but failed short of a migraine... 3 nights out I fell ill with a migraine. With 3 nights of no sleep and anxiety plus gastritis and diverticulitis, I was pretty sure I was dying and sent SOS's to Dave which ended in his mother picking up the boys. I take full blame considering I dragged Joel's crib into my room (wtf was I thinking) and made Owyn AND the dog sleep in my room... for protection of course. Everyone knows, If a Momma bears is sleeping with her cubs they will not mess with them, right?

Out of the 6 years we've been together Dave has not had a single weekend (or even night) to himself, so something had to be done. His friend and I teamed up and booked this bro-cation for him to unwind and distress with his friends in Portland.  Of course, as a woman, I had my intentions, I mean, right? Don't we all? I think our alone time is crucial to our sanity and respect to not only ourselves but our spouses who allow that to us. Plus, I hate to say it, but every time I go and spend a little bit of time observing how other couples/families operate and what life is like alone I come running back thanking God that mine is so great and wonderful. I thought he deserved that a bit ;).

Before Dave left I was pretty excited to have some time to do whatever I want like watch crappy shows and clip my nails in bed with out anyone caring. By day two I was pretty lonely. Especially considering Dave has been keeping me up past 1am every night talking my ear off. "What is the difference between heart, soul, mind, body, spirit?".. conservation never ending....

So this is what we were up to: I took the boys to watch daddy's plane at Tempe Town Lake, I went hiking the day after my migraine, spent a lot of time of time in bed, and spent the other half outside.

- please excuse my poor quality ipnone pics