Thursday, December 8, 2011


I feel impulsed to share the current "notable" happenings around here
so, here it goes
dave and I went to the Iron and Wine concert! 

the Grand-dude (my dad) was briefly in town

today, Dave told me that he got me an "unexpected xmas gift" that is apparently almost as good as a puppy pug. im guessing it's a summer beach house?

we finally got  owyn off of the pacifiers. yipee!
at one point I turned to Dave and said,
"man, I hope we never have to do a drug intervention, because this SUCKS!" talk about addiction!
today I made homemade protein bars and laundry soap! 
hello, my name is Chelsea, but you can call me Martha.

tonight Owyn went to bed early (because he took no nap) and Dave is out for a friends birthday. Basically it is official chick-flick night!

Oh, the simple joys in life.