Sunday, October 11, 2009

Game Night

Last night was game night. Oh how I love game night. Our first "date" was spent doing a puzzle so any type of game/puzzle playing with my sweetie is dear to my heart.

Last night's games consisted of scrabble and worst-case scenario.

First of all, I am horrible at scrabble because I can't spell worth crap-o-la. You might have noticed :) please forgive me! Almost everytime it's my turn to lay down a word I pause.. " wait.. how do you spell ______?"

Second of all, worst case scenario is the funniest game I've ever played. It gets me everytime. I couldn't even read out the questions on the cards because they had me in tears. I can't stress enough how badly you need to go out right now and get this game and play it. Immediately!!

While we played our games we listened to Where the Wilds Things Are Soundtrack which is sooo fun. Another thing you must check out. Click on the link!^^

And c'mon, what's a night without some sweets?

A lame one I'm sure.