Monday, November 16, 2009

All About Owyn

Owyn has been having a hard time transitioning to me working. He's so used to hanging out with mommy all day and and breast feeding and now at least 3 days of the week he is being watched by either Dave or one of the grandmas and eating from a bottle.

He has been upset and starting to want to be held at all times. If he isnt in our arms he's crying, which is sooo unlike him.

I am so thankful I have Dave's help and support. He has been having to do a lot more for Owyn on top of more cleaning, cooking, and all other house chores after long days of work.

Today I told my work that I need to work less and I am making this day ALL about Owyn. No cleaning, no homework, nothing (except this post).

Im not even giving him a chance to cry today. And let me tell you, he LOVES it! I have my happy baby again and theres nothing i love more than making him smile.