Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Enjoying Life

Today Owyn and I went to Tempe Town Lake as the sun was setting.


I love doing things with Owyn but sometimes it makes me feel guilty.
Guilty that we are out enjoying life and Dave is at work, working hard to provide for us. I have never known someone who works so hard and doesn't really complain about it. He works sooo much and his job is very demanding. He leaves home before I even wake up (the alarm doesnt even make me wake up im so tired) and doesn't come home till between 6:30 and 8. Most days it's later than earlier. AND he goes in most Saturdays. Somedays I wish I could go work and he could stay home with Owyn but he's the better bread winner.

:( :(

I hope once I am done with school and get the job of my dreams, Dave will be able to explore his interests and fulfill his dreams. Because that's what he's allowing me to do.