Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween is OUR special day.

Dave and I met (officially) on Halloween. It's the day that marks the beginning of our relationship. If someone told me back then while we were sitting on a trampoline talking about camping that I would be here with his child today I would not believe them. It's also (most likely) Owyn's conception date. So this spooky holiday is very special to us.

This Halloween we were invited to attend our friends wedding. It was Beautiful once I finally arrived( late I might add... very late). Dave played the Wurlitzer during the ceremony, I missed it but I wasn't that sad because they have been practicing the songs in my living room for weeks. We didn't have much time for costumes because we've both been so busy lately but when we went to a costume party after the wedding everyone was asking Dave if he was a nerd or a professor. But it was just his regular clothes. It was awesome.