Sunday, June 19, 2011

Only because I'm impatient.

I wanted to share Dave's fathers day gift with you.
It's not complete yet, but I just couldn't wait, because I'm so excited. Mostly because he is. 

I gave him a band room make-over!

We stayed up until 12am painting. I don't stay up that late for anything other than Mad Men. But, Dave let me listen to Brittany Spears to keep me up. There was some serious booty shakin' goin on in that room. I woke up with Owyn around 7:30 and guess who was already up and in their room taking down tape? Yep, you guessed it! Mr. Dave. He hasn't left the room all day. 


We took the bed out of the room and moved it to Owyn's room. Now, he thinks it's his. 
I caught him chillin' out on the bed (with one leg resting on the other of course), watching the bougainvillea brush up against his window with TMNT playing in the background. He is so serious sometimes. He reminds me of an 80 year old man.