Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Archived by Crappy Phone Pictures

How was your weekend??
I sure hope it was better than mine.
I worked 20 hours this weekend and it sucked. To say the least. 
Have I mentioned that I hate my new job? Well, I do. The job is great and I love being with kids all day but the people I work with.. are, well, not so great. I can go on and on about it but Ill save it for another day. 

On Friday afternoon Owyn and I went on a date down-town. MCA (where I interned) had an opening reception for 2 new exhibits and so we stopped by for some catered food, friends and wonderful art. It's so strange going in there and seeing art on the walls that I did not install or have anything to do with. It actually breaks my heart. Especially when they are such great works like these ones!

After the reception we continued our journey down Main Street for Second Friday to view local art. I am on a mission to FILL my house with original one-of-a-kind artworks. 

We ended the night with a pizza party. It was perfect. 

Some other highlights of the weekend:

- getting a giant Lite-Brite at work 
- selling my adorable vintage bed frame for way more than what I snagged it up for
-discovering an underground discounted art gallery!
- breakin' out Owyn little pool