Monday, June 13, 2011

Steak > Chicken

I had a problem with dinners last week. 
Out of nowhere Dave decided he doesn't like chicken. 
We have chicken 4-5x a week. This is a problem. 
Who on earth doesn't like chicken?
And I've been cooking for this man for years now and he's just telling me this? 
His reasoning is exactly this: steak > chicken. 
What a weirdo. 

Chicken only appears once (or twice, I can't help it! it's chicken!) in this weeks meal plan. 
He said it's okay if its in something or has sauce, so I think I added it into a salad. 

Tonight we had kabobs with a penne salad. 

organic beef 
red bell pepper 
Penne Salad: 
raw asparagus 
raw green bell pepper 
cherry tomatoes 
ricotta cheese 
red wine vinigar 
olive oil
pine nuts 

The salad was really good. Easy, simple and healthy. Just the way I like my meals. 
I got the recipe inspiration from this months issue of Martha's FOOD magazine page 83, but I changed a few things.