Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mother-son trip to San Diego

This past weekend I decided it was time to go visit my dad in San Diego. 
I decided to go at 9:30am on Friday and we were on the road at 4pm (after packing, getting an oil change, new tires and a goodbye visit to Dave at work). 

I was super nervous because in all of the 2 1/2 years of Owyn's life, Ive never been with him alone for more than a day. I was so proud of his behavior, he was such a good boy for the 6 hour drive and all weekend (even in restaurants!). He always behaves better when he only has one parent with him, but if he has both of us, he's gets too excited and wild. It's strange. We can't even do story time together at night or he'll just acts crazy.

We always love going to see Dad and Wendy because we could sit at the house all day and still have a beautiful and relaxing weekend. I'm ready to move in with them! This weekend we:

ate a lot of delicious food (Wendy made bacon pancakes, yum!), 
played all day long on the porch, 
taught Owyn how to use chop sticks which he is very good at,
skipped bathing and stayed in the same clothes for two days (owyn only),
dad waxed my car  (as usual), 
played at the beach, 
ate a huge breakfast at a breakfast joint Woopi Goldberg worked at,
played at the park on Shelter Island, 
taunted the dogs. a lot, 
and missed Dave. a lot. 

We left Dave behind because he's saving vacation days for when baby comes. We missed him, but I was glad to give him a weekend to himself. He deserves it.