Monday, April 5, 2010

House Update and Little Surprises

This morning we had the house inspection. 
So far so good. We are soooo close to closing!

Our original closing date was April 15, but we're trying to push it back to the 30th. 

Everytime I go to the house I fall more inlove with it. 
Everytime, I discover little things that give it so much character...
and everytime, I loose my family in it. the house is large, has an interesting layout and has a ton of hiding spots.

three lovely surprises from today..

1.) our entire backyard is canopied by the mature trees that are scattered throughout, shading the entire yard from any angle of sun rays.

{this is only half the yard. it HUGE}

2.) little flower beds below our bedroom window which is on the side of the house where I plan to plant a vegetable garden.

3.) walk-through closet that leads from the hall bath to one of the master bedrooms (house has 2 master beds). Very strange, but perfect hiding spot for the kids.

I'm sure we'll only continue to find neat little things about this home.