Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday Joys

I know this post is a little delayed but I've been busy!

Black Friday I arrived to work at 4:30am. It was awesome.

By the time I got home from work it was 1:30pm and I was exhausted.
Me and Dave switched roles. I took the baby and he left for work.
Luckily Owyn let me nap for 2 hours! I couldn't believe it. He never naps longer than 40 mins usually.

As you know, my mom has been staying with us. She left this morning :(
Soo.. when I woke up from our nap I walked into the living room and was shocked. It was Christmas morning! Oh My! I slept all the way through December.

Apparently mom and Scott spent their black friday at Costco and got us all sorts of goodies. Like the super sonic toothbrushes I've been wanting (they tickle really bad).

Standing all alone was a special box for Owyn. We set our eyes on that baby and ripped it open and emidiately set it up. He loves this thing. But I think I love it more because it entertains him.

I love black friday.

Thanks mom and Scott!