Monday, December 28, 2009

Owyn's 1st Christmas

Our Christmas was absolutely lovely.

Following tradition, we each got to open one gift the night of Christmas Eve. Dave and Owyn opened The Godfather Collection. I opened a M.A.C. eyeshadow kit. Owyn stayed up extra late in hopes that he would see Santa. Eventually he gave up. We followed him going to bed early anxious to wake up and open our other gifts.

We were woken up by Owyn at 7:00am and began opening our gifts one. by. one. Let me tell you, my loot was huge! I thought I got Dave some really good gifts, but after I stated opening one awesome gift after the other I wanted to take all his back and get him better gifts. He totally spoiled us this year.

It was a perfect day. We danced around to holiday music, napped together, cleaned together, cooked together. The best part of all is having Owyn to spend this special day with. Last year he was making me sick, keeping me away from the delicious food, and his stocking was a tiny little one with "baby" painted with glitter. This year we get to watch his skills develope, make him laugh and list off our favorite things about him. We have come sooo far this year. Nothing makes me happier than this little sweet boy of mine.

(Owyn's gift from Santa)

I made my first Christmas feast this year. I had so much fun. I was cooking and sweating in the kitchen for hours. I wore a dress, tights, heels and an apron to make me feel extra domestic.

I was very surprised by how delicious my meal was. We had a white wine slaw with napa cabbage, raddish and golden raisins, green beans, potato gratin, ribeye roast, and a chocolate pudding pie. It was one of the best roasts either of us had ever had. Of course though, dads prime rib from last year wins first prize.