Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bring it, Semester 8!

I am getting more and more excited as my 8th semester approaches!

I can't believe I am almost a college graduate!

It's been rough. If it were'nt for living with my sister and watching her work hard during her undergrad I don't know if Id even be here. AND not to mention watching my mother work hard towards her undergrad while raising us kids. They are both two brilliant women that I wish I could be just like. Neither of them even have to work hard for they're A+'s. And they are both working towards there masters degrees right now.

I've also had a lot of help by my dad. He has helped support me during college and pushed me to succeed. I think everyone needs a person like my dad around to tell them to suck it up and get it done.

Ive recently registered for my classes. And this semester they will not be online.
Here they are..

ARA460 Gallery Exhibitions
ARS394 Topic:
Italian Renaissance Art
ARS475 Chinese Painting
ARS498 Seminar Topic: Visual Culture Studies
PAF300 Public Management and Admin

Do you think I can do it?? If I stay enrolled in 5 cources I will not keep working.

I can't wait. School is awesome once you find what you're interested in.

I am soo thankful that I have the help of Dave and family to allow me to finish school.