Monday, January 4, 2010

I have to admit... I've been bad.

I've been putting everything off this past week. I have so much to do and finally had time to do it all (considering Dave was off work and all) but didn't do any of it.

I have emails to send, bills to pay, homework to submit, checks to deposit.

Most of all, I wanted to do a "New Years" post :(

But nope. I didn't do it. Because I was lazy. And now I feel like an idiot.

I don't even know how to function anymore without chaos. I went to work yesterday to a slow day. I took a nap before, took my time getting ready, actually picked out an outfit instead of throwing on one of the same 3 things I do everyday, sat around waiting for the 1:30 to roll around and took my time driving to work (chatting on the phone with my mom).

When I clocked in (3 minutes early because I just couldnt wait any longer) I walked around the store and didn't know what to do with myself.
I was completely lost. I felt like I left my brain at home.

This is weird.

This morning I walked up to order my usual latte just as I do everyday and the guy (who now knows me and Owyn by name) asked how my Monday was going. I think he was shocked by my excitement.

"I'm soo glad it's Monday!"

Breaks are nice, but getting off schedule when you have a child on that same schedule is no bueno. As much as I love relaxing and having Dave around, it's so much easier sticking with routine. And I like my driving a whole lot more than his.

We did get to do a lot of fun things. And we spent a lot of much needed time with friends.

So I am sorry I didn't give you some great New Years post like all the other "good" bloggers.

But here are some pictures from our New Years to enjoy...