Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where does one draw the line?

I left Owyn on the floor and walked away to do the dishes.
When I peeked over at him I realized that he made his way over to my computer.

I thought it was cute because he's always trying to get on and check his Facebook.

I snapped a picture and walked away once again to put away my camera.
The next time I looked over at him I noticed he had spit up all over my keyboard and mousepad.

I like Owyn to try things and explore on his own.I want him to have a sense of independance.  

But... knowing where to draw the line is tough.
I don't want him thinking he can play with anything he wants. Like my computer and cell phone.

Being responsible for a human being is hard.

My most important job in life is to keep him safe and raise him to be the best person he can be.
And I only have one chance.