Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

I'm pretty sure we just had the caziest week of our lives.

I am so relieved its over.

I know I've said it before, but if it wasn't for Dave's mother, we wouldn't be able to do half of the things we do.

Wednesday I didn't get home till 12:40am (working on visuals), I went to school in the morning and got off at 4pm, and worked until 12:30 AGAIN on Thursday! And today I met my group early in the morning (for gallery exhibitions) and had class till 2pm. Oh AND I had 3 papers due AND a HUGE project due the past 2 days! Sound exhausting?? It is.

Dave has been working 12 hours almost everyday of the work week, and going in on Saturdays. We are both very tired. Dave works so hard. And does a very well job at supporting us. I don't know how he works so late, wakes up with the baby so early (most days, since I'm a bad girl) and still always gets the kitchen clean every morning, pays the bills, and goes in for another day of work without ever complaining (unlike me). I admire his work ethic. He gets joy out of providing for his family.

All we can do is just keep swimming (from Nemo, one of Owyn's favorites). 

We both wish we could stay home and play with Owyn all day long.

{I love this picture, but Owyn looks terrified}

The past week we had some really great weather. Rain, clouds, cold, breeze. RARE!

Im keeping my fingers crossed for another!

I wish you all the best, most relaxing weekend!  Sleep in and eat fried food!