Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My 4th Spring Semester of College.

I've been too busy to post about school.

It's so great being back on campus. No more online!
I am taking the best courses this semester. And great new... 

I only have one semester left!!!

If I didn't decide to change my majors, Id be done after this semester. 

I have been meeting the most amazing and intelligent people. 

I'm taking Chinese painting and found a new appreciation for Eastern Art. 
I am in a seminar on Visual Culture which is so interesting. Fifteen of us students get together 
and discuss our reading and I love listening to how everyone interprets images differently. 
I am also doing a practicum on Gallery Exhibitions which I absolutely love. Of course.
I get to coordinate a few different exhibitions that will take place in the various galleries on campus. 
I also get to meet amazing artists, and do gallery sittings every week (watching over the Step Gallery).
And, I have a Public Admin class that's teaching me about our government, basically.

So far, so good.

Here's what I see on average day on campus: