Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thoughts that run through my head time to time

I have a strong feeling I'm getting closer and closer to my breaking point. 
 Sometimes I forget to breath.  
And shower. (the other day Dave felt my stubbly armpits and said "what's this?") Ooops.

Let me just tell you what tomorrow looks like:
6:30am- wake up feed/change Owyn
7:30-8:30am-Check emails, check grades, make sure I have all my homework ready
8:30- 10:00am- get ourselves ready
10:00am- take Owyn to his Grandma's and ride my bike to school
10:30- 2:45pm- classes
 3:00-4:00pm- practicum 
5:00-9:30pm- work
end the day with checking email, and working on school work.

See how this could drive me to my breaking point?
What is my breaking point? I have no idea. 
All day long I find myself thinking "maybe I can just drop my classes" or 
"maybe I can just get C's so I'm not loosing all my money". 

The issue is, I can't drop because I will loose the thousands of dollars I put into this semester
sand I can't get C's because I'll get dropped out of my program. 

So basically I have to stick it out.
And remember to breath. Not to mention be very very thankful I get soo much help from Dave's mom. 

Only 3 more months and it will be over. 
I can relax, take naps with Owyn, and decorate our house!!!

As much as I anticipate these joys, 
I have found that it's a lot easier to stay sane by focusing on the present.

I know I'm complaining, but I think we all deserve it every once in a while.
Please forgive me.