Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running on a Full Tank.

I wish you all knew how insane Owyn is. 
This kids energy tank never goes empty. Not even close. 

It could be the massive amounts of sugar free soy ice white mochas he drinks everyday? 

Like mother like son.
 {before you judge, no he did not really have a drink of my mocha. babies don't suck thru straws.}
{{great shot of my one-of-a-kind thumbs!}}

Now that Owyn stands, it's of course, not good enough. 
Now he is using object, such as this one, as walkers. 
He pushes it along.

 He is also babbling none stop. 
Some times it starts as a cry and ends in words. 
Other times it's vis-versa. 

His favorites are..

Goygoygoygoygoy ((?) my fav)