Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back in the Kitchen

I can't tell you how long it's been since Ive cooked.
I've been in a funk lately. Some might call it lazy, but Ill call it a funk. 

Dave doesn't get home until at least 7pm so that means we have 1.5 hours to cook, eat, clean, bath, and read stories to Owyn before he goes down and then we're beat. I never thought Id be that woman to eat frozen meals but that's been me the past couple months. Well, I'm sick of it and quite honestly getting bored so I'm back cooking in the kitchen. I forgot how much I love to cook and how happy it makes Dave (as long as I do the dishes ;)).

The other night I made pasta carbonara for the first time, it was uh-mazing! 
Dave and I took our first bite, looked up at eachother nodding our heads up and down with huge smiles saying "aaaw- yeah"! Anything with "carb" i nthe name is bound to be delicious, right?

I did a traditional carbonara with bacon, parmesan, egg, parsely and lemon but I also sauteed breaded chicken and threw that in there and baked it all together. wow.