Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey guys, guess what, we're back from our vacation! 
We have been for a week but Ive been bad and haven't posted. 
More on that later. 

Did you have an awesome Halloween?

Owyn and I passed out candy to our neighbors while we waited for Dad to come home. Our hood was busy! I bought a lot of candy (really good kind like fundip) and I started out really generous because I feel bad for kids these days. I used to come home with a pillow case FULL of candy, and nowadays the kids walk around with little tiny buckets a happy meal could fit in and when they're lucky 40% of the houses on a block are open for business. It breaks my heart. But anyway, I ran out of candy after the first hour and Dave had to bring me some more. He brought home so much that I had to be really generous again. Owyn has lived through 3 Halloweens and we still haven't taken him trick or treating. We don't let him have candy (unless it's a special occasion) so there's really no point in taking him around. Plus, I'd rather him be doing the giving than taking. That's just me.One day when he's older and can make the decision to go out, he's more than welcome to.

Once Dave got home we packed up shop and took Owyn to the Harvest Festival at church and then stopped by grandma's house.

This year I began carrying on Grandma I's luminary tradition. The kids were more interested in those than the candy. 

I tried to do a last minute costume and be a 70's girl, but Dave said I looked like I usually do so I guess that means I don't win most creative costume award this year.