Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Dave,

Happy Birthday, my love. 
You deserve nothing less than a wonderful day. I hope work treats you well today. I hope all the A-holes are less a-holey today. Just for you. Even though I'm sure nobody will know it's your birthday because I highly doubt you'll tell anyone. By the way, how would you like to celebrate? Remember your 27th birthday when I went and decorated your apartment to surprise you? Remember how we were popping the balloons and making them spin around and around. We could not stop laughing. It was great. And remember your 28th birthday when I made you favorite meal- steak- and make Owyn a special "happy b-day daddy" onsie? That was cute. 

Well, you just think about the celebration you want to take place in the honor of your birthday. It has to be GREAT because you always make mine great. 

I must go tend to our child now.
Happy Birthday, we love you so much.

Love, Your Babe, Chelsea

Pictures that capture what I love most about you. Among the many things.-