Sunday, September 26, 2010


 I had a 3 day weekend. It was awesome. 
Owyn and I went to Ikea of Friday, which we probably shouldn't have done because I got too many things I didn't need. Which by the way, Ikea has GREAT Christmas decorations this year.

I had an itch to do something with the family room so I pulled out my paint, brushes and painters tape and went to work. By Friday night it was complete. Pictures in a post to come..

Saturday we went to see RATATAT!
It was incredible! 

Here is a song for your enjoyment..

We went to Papago Brewery (our favorite) and I had a glass of wine before the show. It was just like old times. We used to go there and do my homework. Once we got to the show there was a HUGE line, but then we ran into some friends who were just about to go in and we snagged a spot in line with them. Lucky, or what? We went to the bar area and found our very own VIP spot right against the the side of the stage.

Then, some girl standing next to me kept trying to push me over and was getting closer and closer to me, then finally turned to me and yelled at me. "I swear, if you touch me one more time!" She was an idiot, and clearly has never been to a concert before. It got pretty heated and we yelling back and forth until I said, "maybe if you'd move your fat ass over we wouldn't have a problem". It ended at that. I was shocked that came out of my mouth. I'm also shocked she didn't punch me in the face. Poor girl was so worried about me "touching" her aka- her nudging me over intentionally to get me out of the way, that I don't think she enjoyed herself one bit. I made friends with the sweet couple next to us and they stacked and made more room for me. I'm pretty sure that made her extra irritated, but I was just there to have a good time. And I did.

Today we've spent recovering from a long, eventful night.
 I had such severe acid reflux last night that I ended up vomiting the moment we got home. It sucked. I wish that sort of thing happened a lot less often than it does.

I haven't gotten out of my PJ's today. It feels great.

clean boy!