Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Late Post About Our Weekend

Did you have a great weekend? 
I hope you did, because we did. 

I had A LOT of homework to do. 
I had a quiz, discussion board submission and biography on Edward Hopper (American Realism Painter) due and a HUGE exam all due today. That might be why I haven't posted all weekend. Maybe.

Friday I had off from all the responsibilities that take place outside of our home. Thank goodness. Responsibilities in the home continued. I lost Owyn in our house. That actually happens more often than Id like to. We have a large, long house that is easy to loose children in. I ended up finding him in a cabinet in the quest bathroom. He was reorganizing. See pic 6

 Friday night Owyn and I played in our front yard while we waited for daddy to come home. 
We picked olives off our olive tree. We pointed at the cars going by and said "car" and Owyn ran to ever garbage can in sight (it was garbage day) pointed and screamed "gar..gar...gar". He loves those things. We also played this game where Owyn would go around to the front door and step down the little brick wall and run toward the street testing his limits. Every time he got close to the sidewalk Id stop him and tell him "no, danger!", he'd throw a little fit, forget about it 2 seconds later and repeat. See pic 3

Saturday we went to the dog pound so Dave could meet the dog Owyn and I found the day before. He's so cute and sweet. We want him real bad. We left to think about it. We talked a little about the responsibility and haven't spoken much about it since. I think we both realized we not quite ready yet. :(
Im pretty proud of myself. Dave told me we should get him. And I REALLY want him and my heart says yes. But I know logically it's not a great idea. I thank my Dad for that. Jerk. Just kidding! If I didn't have him to put me into check I would've made a lot (more) stupid decisions in the past. 

Saturday  night we had a nice little get together for Dave's birthday. 
We went to costco and stocked up on beer and goodies for a taco fiesta. For some reason, which Im still not sure of, Dave wouldn't tell me how many people he invited or thought would come. So, I prepared for a BIG party. We bought way too much. Let's just say, we'll be eating tacos for the rest of the week and  drinking Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada for a month. It was a really great time. Dave's friends brought their instruments over and had a "jam session", which Owyn LOVED. He was obsessed with the drums Noah brought over. Noah is from Dave late band Attack of the Giant Squid and is amazing. One of my favorites. Owyn sat in between the symbols and just loved his life. See pics 4 & 5. He also stood right in front of the bass drum and let the air with every beat blow his hair and clothes. Owyn is so serious when it comes to his music. It's hilarious. I asked for a friend to bring over their dog, so we could see what it's like to have a dog over. Fortunately the owner, the dog is a really good dog. Unfortunately for us, the dog was a really good dog and made me want one even more. Darn.

Sunday was packed full of studying. And a work meeting that took place at Kierland in Scottsdale. That's about it.

Oh yeah, I also did a wonderful thing on Saturday morning... 
see next post for details.