Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recent Happenings

I've been suffering from a little writers block lately. 
I've been extremely busy, like usual, and many exciting things have been happening. 

For one, I celebrated my BFF's (Kylie) birthday. Happy B'day. I love you.
(Me, Alaina, Brittany and Kylie)

We also had our BIG season opening at MAC that turned out fabulous. 
We had such a good turn out. As I was looking around at the hundreds of people walking through our galleries, drinking, eating (but not in the galleries of course!) listening to music and conversing, I felt so proud. This is the first show this big that Ive worked on. To be able to do what you're passionate about and watch other people enjoy the work you've put in is one great thing. 

My sweet little family came. Dave, Owyn and Dave's mom, Laura. 
I was able to introduce them to the people Ive been learning from and growing to love. 
When I showed them around the galleries I actually felt emotional. 
I could show them what and where Ive been when I'm gone.
I got to show them them artwork that Ive been talking about.
Everyone loved Owyn too. He's quite the hit at any event. 

(People usually ask me what I do, so Ill tell you. I hung a lot of the work. I de-install the previous exhibits. I pack them up to be sent back to where ever they came from. I paint the walls of the galleries to make sure they are pretty for the new work. I do condition reports as the art work goes and comes in, and take pictures of it. I hang the work and make sure everything is good to go. Now that the shows are complete and we are now open again I will be working on the curatorial side which will involve some desk work, educational work and press stuff. It's great experience. ) 

{sorry my pics are blurry.}

P.S. we havn't been making any wedding plans what so ever. 
we should probably get moving on that?