Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Heart Mondays

I heart Mondays because I have no obligations outside of the house.
Unless there's doctor appointment or something.

It's my day off but Dave works, so Owyn and I like to get into trouble. 
But, shhhh, don't tell him that.

A few things we like to do: 

Stay in our pj's all day
Put Owyn to work so when Dave comes home, he gives me the credit

Play in our side yard/jungle. (I swear someday soon this will be our garden!)
spread out my research project all over the living room during nap time.....

while nap time looks like this in Owyn's room
I wonder how long he was up?

We did end up leaving the house. All Owyn wanted to do was go outside and it was driving me nuts. So instead we took a 2 hour Target trip and spent money on dumb things that I never would have spent money on if it weren't for me trying to waste time.

We love our Mondays. 
Now, back to work :)