Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Roundup

So a few really great things happened this weekend.

Friday was my sister's birthday! 
I miss my sister and can't wait to see her and her babies ( Riley and chihuahua Lola).
Also, I received a letter from the Dean of the Herberger school of art and design that my petition for concurrent majors has been revised and approved. Most of you already know that I've been working on doing concurrent majors for a while but I had to be approved in order to pursue them both at the same time. Well, I have finally been approved! I am SO excited! This means that when I graduate in May I will be graduating with 2 BA's. One in Art History and the other in Museum Studies. It's crazy to me that I will have 2 degrees. I guess 5 years of college isn't so bad. 

I also had to work for 14 hours on Friday. That wasn't so awesome.
I worked at the museum 8:30-5 and then went straight to Lucky. At the museum I had to give 3 back-to-back tours to middle school kids. It was hell! They were so badly behaved and I have no balls so they walked all over me. By the third tour I didn't even give the kids all the information I had, I let them run around the museum and I toured the teacher that was with them. The kids kept asking me about every inappropriate piece we had, like the mice porn and nude pictures from Andy Warhol. I don't understand how they find these inappropriate pieces. I stay away from them and they still find them! One kid took a poster he had in his hand and pushed it against a photo in the Andy Warhol collection. I flipped out. I wasn't nice after that. They also asked me if I get paid and how much.

On a happier note, we recently started a new tradition. Saturday breakfast. Dave often makes us a big breakfast on Saturday mornings and now I've started to participate as well, mostly because I make things like pancakes. Dave has been asking me to make french toast and I finally did this week. 

I'm bringing the braid back! I used to use a braid all the time, just to make a quick up-do less boring due to a lack of time to do my hair. Lately I've been taking the time to wash and style my hair but so many people keep telling me that they miss my braids and want me to wear them again.