Monday, May 30, 2011

Accidental Traditions

It's become a tradition to take Owyn to do something fun on Fridays. 
I ask my jobs to give me Mondays and Fridays off. 
I use Monday to clean and rest and Friday to party.

This Friday we went to the pool with our friends Brittany and Gage. 
Owyn loves the water. He is a natural. 

Friday night Dave came home with gifts! 
He brought Owyn a motorcycle and play doh. He brought me a bottle of Pinot Grigio. 
Good man.. 

Owyn is obsessed with his new toys. He didn't let the motorcycle out of his sight for a few days. 
We went out to Joe's Farm Grill for dinner and waited in line for an hour to order our food. But, it was still lovely.

{Owyn hangin out at home working on a very important paper with a fry in his mouth. ha}

{tired and dirty from a long day in the sun}