Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Mumbo-Jumbo

So I finally started planning our wedding. 
We have so many really neat things planned. I can't wait to see how everything turns out! 

a little sneaky peaky..

Dave and I are collaborating on invitation designs. 
Dave is very creative and talented in the graphic design dept., so I give him my rough idea's and he turns them into magic. I was telling him what I want as for a map and he was wanting to know what the invitations were going to be like. I showed him the actual invites and envelopes and he didn't like them. So, today he came home with all of these sample books of different papers and envelope sizes and started talking all this printing mumbo-jumbo.

So now our invitation are going to be a lot more elaborate than I was thinking. Which means more time. And more money. I guess this is why people always end up going over their budget??

At least I can turn over the invitation responsibility, right? 

At any rate, I can NOT wait to see how they turn out!
(i just like saying that phrase and wanted to throw it in)