Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grilled Chicken Sammies and a Little TS3

This weekend has been everything a weekend should be. 
I worked a short day on Friday, I went in for a tour and was done. 
I had an awesome tour group. One that us gallerina's dream of. The group group was well behaved and a mixture of classes and grades. Which mean, I got enjoy the awesomeness of the question asking of the first graders AND the answers to the question I ask from the 3rd graders. On top of that, there were more than one teacher in the group to keep the kids in check (one of whom wasn't so bad looking, which def. encouraged me to give a great tour and be extra cheery).

I got to spend the rest of the day with my beloved Owyn. 
He has been super rad this week. It's a phase. At this point in his life I've realized that kids go through phases. Kinda like how women go through phases. PMS-ing to normal ( or somewhat at least) and back to PMS-ing. Sometimes Owyn goes through phases where I want to pull my hair out. Every single little thing pisses the kid off during these phases. It's like walking on egg shells or living with someone who's bipolar. Seriously.  But the time between is pure bliss. He is sweet and wants to love on me and is ridiculously silly. That's what I am loving right now. <3

Friday evening Owyn and I went to the Home Depot to pick out some flowers to plant in our yard. It took us over an hour to pick some out. Whenever someone would ask me if I was okay or had any questions Id just have to explain to them, "I'm just extremely indecisive". We then went home to the Papa bird and fired up the grill. All in all, Id say it was a pretty good day. 
 Summer makes me crave Shirley Temples. Yummm...

sammies, corn and cole slaw
 grilled chicken sammie with tomato and mushroom
 oh, those faces

A little off topic..
We've been watching a lot of Toy Story 3. Don't you love that movie? 
I have surprisingly not grown tired of it yet. I always notice new funny things. 

My favorite two lines are:

"Sweet Potata??? Who do you think you're talking to?? I have over 30 accessories and I deserve more respect!!" 
- Mrs. Potato Head 


"Authority should come from the consent of the govern, not from the threat of force!" 
- Barbie 

Dave's favorite line (judging by his chuckles) is between Barbie and Ken:

Ken- " I "
Barbie- " love"
Ken- " you." " Okay, okay, now you go.."
Barbie- " I "
Ken- " love "
Barbie- " you "
Ken- " you see, it's different everytime!"

Hope your weekend is swell!