Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zoo with my Boo

When we woke up on Memorial Day Monday and did the usual letting Mitzi out to do her biz-nass, I realized how unusually nice the weather was and how bad we had to get out. 

I decided that Dave needed a day to himself. I usually have to beg him to do something for himself, but this time wasn't so hard, thank goodness. Men need their alone/guy time. Even if they say they don't or don't say anything at all, they do. 

One of my awesome aunts (who's a lot more like a sister) met us with her hubby and youngest son Alec. Owyn loves his big cousins. 

[Owyn and his cuz]

Owyn's favorite part of the zoo was the cwack-coooor. Or as we call them, tractors. 

The day turned out to be a great success. Dave came home from record shopping/day drinking with his pal with huge smiles. I love seeing him happy.