Thursday, May 7, 2009

And so it Continues

We have been so busy these past few weeks and it's never going to end.
It is only beginning. On top of working the past couple weeks and now Dave new inconvenience I have been trying to get finals complete. The day after we spent the night in the hospital which resulted in no sleep was the day of my ARS412 final. I don't know if any of you have taken an art history class, but they have hard exams. You have to know the time period, what was going on during that time, who the ruler was, what the politics and religion was, what the characteristics were of this time (like in architecture), where the piece came from, how it was found, why it was made and how it was made. Oh and what it means. It's a pain sometimes. Especially myth pieces because they have characters and stories. Any way, fortunately I do well under pressure. There were only 2 out of 50 I wasn't positive about so I'm pretty optimistic about my final grade.

I have 3 more exams to complete. One is today. Oh crap.

I have found a solution to my coffee addiction. My grandma got us a cute new coffee pot (its brown, have you ever seen one of those??) so now I can drink a single cup of coffee opposed to shots of espresso in my lattes which is a lot less caffeine. I bought coffee that is 1/2 decaf to make it easier to completely stop.

So this is what we have going on this month. I think of my weeks as pregnancy weeks.

Week 28- Mom is coming!
She will be here tonight. Her and Whitney will be making baby shower plans and Sunday is Mothers day!

Week 29-Dad and Wendy are coming and finals end

Week 30- Baby shower.
Both parents are coming and both my step sister and Dave's brother graduate from High school.

Week 32-Off to San Diego
It seems a little crazy to get into a car being 32 weeks pregnant but my dad is finally getting married. And then my summer classes begin. I am such a criminal.

Starting in June we'll start seeing the doctor every two weeks. Oh joy! I can't believe how fast this baby is coming. He is growing so much. My belly gets bigger everyday (I am not kidding) and the pounds keep. I want my normal self back sooo bad already. I miss not feeling and eating like a cow.