Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nothing Cheers you up like a Flag

This week I have been feeling sad.
Now that I am done with finals, I had to find some way to pick me up. Shopping didn't do the trick this time. Kinda crazy. So today I decided to make a birthday gift for the baby (nameless once again). I went to SAS, picked up some fabric and made this flag banner I saw on this very creative woman's blog. It totally did the trick.

I hung it above daddy's Wurlitzer for now, since baby doesn't have a room yet. I think ill take it to the baby showers. There will be two by the way. One for family and close friends and another casual co-ed with friends who like to PARTY. And once he decides to joins us in this crazy world it will be hanging above his crib to welcome him home. I'm going to put his name on with red or orange letters, once we figure out what that name will be.

I think he'll appreciate it.