Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh Boy, Another Weekend Passed

I wish I had some cute pictures to post, but I don't.
I feel like we have been so busy lately and it's never going to end.
Every weekend we have tons of stuff to do.

Friday was awesome, of course.
You wouldn't believe how happy people were to hear Attack of the Giant Squid again. I love seeing people go crazy over them, yelling, clapping and dancing as if they have no control or even recognition of what their body is doing. The entire show was recorded and the guys were interviewed with Indie Music Phoenix and you can see the video here when they are finished with it. I believe it will be there by Thursday night (that's when it will be on TV). It never fails, whenever I go out to see Dave play people are always telling me how much they love him or what an amazing bass player he is. People have even told me they would love to jam with him but are too intimidated to ask. He never believes me when I tell him these things.

It was so fun and their was a positive energy filling the place. Everyone was loving the belly. Even the door man gave it a good rub as I passed him by. Dave was showing it off to all of his long time acquaintances "I'm expecting a baby!". It makes me even more excited to see him so excited about our precious miniature human we created.

Elliot was very responsive to the music. He was moving so much, I kinda think he was scared. He was probably thinking it sounded like he was being attacked by something, maybe a giant squid?

Saturday I worked at the store again for a full day while Dave played another show, this time with Yellow minute.

Sunday we helped Whitney clean up the spare rooms at the house. I had lots of stuff left over there, the weird random stuff you don't know what to do with- I always end up throwing it away. She is expecting lots of company these upcoming weeks.