Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Happy Friday!

Dave is playing a show tonight with Tony.
I am so excited you don't even know. I love going to see Yellow Minute shows but I don't think it shows just how incredibly talented Dave is. He played with Tony in Squid and there is nothing like it. These guys are genius' in my opinion. I miss seeing Squid shows :(. I don't know a whole lot about music but I do know that people love them and some things they do just blow me away.

I do feel strange going to bars to see him play. I always have to think real hard about going. You'd be amazed to see all the looks you get being a pregnant girl in a bar. Last time I got a water, thinking it would be in a bottle but instead it was in a cup and I was thinking, oh great, here come the looks. I think tonight ill go with a Shirley Temple to really freak em out. Maybe even wear a belly shirt (fashion forecast does predict midriff is coming back)! Everyone is so interested in pregnant woman. You cant stand up in a crowd without everyone's eyes on you. It really freaks me out.

Do you think if I stuck an ear plug in my belly button it would work the same as ear plugs for Elliot??