Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ready for Delivery

We are checking in to have our baby tomorrow!
I cannot wait. Our bags are packed and we are more ready than ever.

Dave painted my toes (since i can't reach) so my leg holder helpers will have something pretty to look at. And if my feet get cold, I'll be wearing my favorite socks.

Our baby has the smallest clothes I've ever seen. He's gonna have to wear clothes that fit 5-8 lbs. That's not that easy to find. Everything that is 0-3 months is 8-12 lbs. That just only makes him even cuter.

I had to pack the strangest things.
Nursing (sleeping) bra (who knew there was a different nursing bra just for sleeping?),
nursing pads,
lot's of head bands of course,
suckers (for my own pleasure),
a portable fan (because I have to have a constant breeze on me),
maxi pads (embarrassing!),
chap stick,
going home outfit,
laboring outfit,
and my own lucky monitor straps I used at the hospital last.

Wish us luck! I'll be back soon to introduce you to my precious son.