Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Hot Summer Weekend

This weekend was a hot one. I am so glad it's almost over.

Saturday Dave had his daddy boot camp class. I think he really enjoyed it. He came home and showed me everything he learned. Using a teddy bear. He learned all about changing the baby, swaddling him, baby proofing, feeding, bonding, discipline, and even some good advise for our relationship and how to work together. I love these classes and I love how involved he is. It makes me feel more at ease.

^Dave changed this bear's diaper and swaddled him up to show me his skills^

Saturday night we went on a little date to see the Pixar movie Up that I've been wanting to see. I loved it. I'm not totally sure whether it was the movie or popcorn I really wanted. Yumm.

After the movie we stopped at the store so Dave could get some wine and he surprised me flowers <3.

We are still doing a bunch of stuff around this place of ours. It's never ending.

Remember the Dr. Seuss sketches I made for the baby? Well we framed them and put them up. I love them.

Now I have a 10pg. research paper to work on which I have been blowing off all weekend and a delicious German meal to eat made by Dave's mom. :)