Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Big Apple

For Father's day Dave chose to dine at the Big Apple for steak and BBQ. 
We chose this place because it's literally directly across the main street from our house. 

We could walk, if we wanted to. 
I was a little disappointed with the food but we were able to come to make a very serious decision while we were there...

We are putting Owyn up for sale, due to his crazy behavior. 
We weren't sure whether to laugh at him or be embarrassed. I felt like we brought our pet chimp.  I put Owyn down for his second nap around 4pm (which was late) but he decided he didn't want to sleep. Instead, he played in his crib. So by the time dinner came around (7pm), Owyn was waayyyy past tired and acting delirious. Once we were at the restaurant he wouldn't settle down until he got a balloon, and then he wouldnt stop hitting the balloon around the top of his head. Once he was over that he decided he wanted to play in our booth, talk to our neighbors and bang his spoon on the table laughing for no good reason at all. We ordered him some mac and cheese, which he didnt want until we were finished eating our meals, and had a good ol time tossing it under the table and smooshing onto the wall. 

I think we'll be eating in for a while... 

ps. he passed out the moment we got into the car.