Tuesday, June 29, 2010



^ Owyn's little message to you all^

 This past weekend was a weird one. I'm not so sure what to think about it. I wan't to complain about how tired I am, but I actually had a pretty relaxing weekend. But I know Dave's tired! Poor guy.. 
(Owyn gave us a really hard time last night and didn't want to sleep after waking up at 1am making Dave  wake up and he wasn't able to sleep for hours)

Dave gave me the weekend off.
It was lovely. "Uh-oh, someone has a poopy. Hey daddy.."
 I even got to spend some time with girl friends, which was much needed. 

I got so many things done around the house this weekend.
There are only 3 more weeks until the big birthday and baby shower so Im trying to get this house finished. We no longer have a "rustic" hall bathroom. Thank goodness. 

We also spent some time practicing on Dave's new toy, thanks to grandma i, so we can make perfect burgs for Owyn's B-Day. Only we practiced with steaks, of course. 

It feels strange not posting this untit 1am Monday night, but instead of doing the usual daily cleaning, showering and blogging  during Owyn's 2 naps during the day, I slept with him. Yes, I took two 2 hour naps today. Crazy! Dave came home from work so tired "I think I got about 3 hours of sleep last night" and then here I am, "oh I know, Im so sleepy, I slept way too much today". Then I got ready for work, left my dirty house and one crazy kid with a very tired daddy, "see ya guys tomorrow morning". Sometimes I feel bad for these lazy days I have. Othertimes, I don't. We all have our days right? Some of us more than others? On my defense, I did just get home from work.