Friday, June 11, 2010

Two Boys???

I feel slightly embarassed sharing this informations with you all, 
but the other night I proposed the idea of having another child soon. 

I figured it's a good time. 
Life doesnt ever get easier, and the bills never get cheaper. 
It only gets harder. And why not have all the kids close together so it's easier to transition instead of getting Owyn into tod years, or older, and then having to get back into 'baby mode'? It makes sense, yes?

Well It did to me. But I think it got Dave a little stressed out just thinking about the fact. 

Luckily for him - at perfect timing- the next day I watched a family friends 15 month old. 
It was a lot of fun, but let me tell you, it was hard!
I couldn't turn my head for a second. And I never set down the dust pan.

-he was the best baby ive ever met, btw. 
I didn't know kids even came this good.
It definatley put the idea of another kid on the back burner for now. 
So when Dave came home last night I had one thing in mind. 

When are we getting a dog???

I would just like for Owyn to have a friend. 

Can you tell which one is the trouble maker??