Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Door is Open

 (do you see the spot I somehow missed on my stipes?)

What used to be my favorite room (guest room)- for like 5 mins- is now being used as a storage. Soon we will be forced to actually unpack those boxes that we're pretending don't exist.

We're planning a BIG first birthday party for Owyn along with a baby shower for my sister all in the same July weekend! 

What? Owyn is almost 1 year old??
Oh my, that is so bittersweet. 

So basically during that weekend we will have my mother, bother and girlfriend, sister, dad and stepmom all in town at the same time! The last time that happened was 2 years ago!

I am so excited to open our door to all of the guests.
Hopefully we can get our yards looking good and green by then.
Oh, and a guest room that that doesn't have boxes along every wall.