Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carrying the History of The Hidden House

{please excuse our yard in need of maintenance and water, we need to schedule our irrigation}

Im falling more in love with our neighborhood -and house- everyday.
We've been meeting our neighbors and feeling more at home.

Our neighbor across the street has lived in our house before.
He is an elder man and gave us a history of our house and the people who have also resided. Including what has been added on, updated, changed and why they left.

He told us about the Nobels, the ones who built the house.
He explained that it is their growth marks left on the inside of the first hall closet door. The marks from young children who are now in their 60's.

So after I walked back into our home I curiously opened that hall closet door
to find the faint existing pencil marks dating all the way back to the 50's.

Not only has every resident, who has called this beautiful home theirs, left those marks, but they have also left us their own. I cant help but feel deeply connected to these people. Our children have played on the same lawn, we've shared family meals in the same dining room and anxiously walked through the same front (or side) door to come home to our families. And it is a few lines marked in pencil that link us to one another. And remind me to appreciate this home for what it is. And all of the lovely things everyone has done to make this house so special and unique.

Hopefully Ill be able to find a blank closet door to make our mark.