Saturday, June 26, 2010

My New Toy

Yesterday Dave came home with a special gift for me. 

A new 50mm lens for my camera!
Just what I've been wanting. 

This man tricked me. He told me last week that he got me something but I couldn't know until it came. I told him " but babe, I don't want a kitchen aide mixer right now, Id rather get a rug for the back room". He later went on saying "do you know how many colors those come in?". I was sure one was going to arrive on our door step.

Then, the other day, he gave me a new cap for my lens (since I had lost it).
I said, "oh, is this what you got me?", he said yes. As thoughtful as it was (cause you know how men are, Im surprised he even knew), I was a little sad..  But then I got my new lens! Something Ill use way more than a mixer. 

Dave also bought me a ticket to Nashville so I can be there for my sister when the baby is about to be born. 
He is a very generous man. He works so hard to provide for us and doesn't complain. I really love that about him. 

In other news, I've began looking for another part time job. One where I can have an actual pay-check and help contribute to bills to take a little stress off of Dave. 

Here are some pics taken from my new lens: